Neomedis is a French company with offices in North America, Europe and Asia. Neomedis is specialised in the development of over-the-counter pharmaceutical products destined for the international market Neomedis is CE and ISO 13485 certified.



We are always looking for new product ideas as well as new distribution partners

Neomedis has built it’s reputation in two different therapeutic area Respiratory and Women’s Health


Neomedis product are available in over 20 countries around the world.!

for whatever we lose it’s always ourselves we find in the sea.

— E.E. Cummings —

The sea

Approximately 70 percent of the Earth's surface is covered by oceans and other collections of water

Protruding from these vast waters are pinnacles of land called continents. Over an estimated two billion years, the land has been worn down by rainfall, which washes the various soil elements out to sea

The sea is an enormous receptacle of the former chemical richness and balance that once supported life on land. On a worldwide basis, about 4 billion tons of dissolved material are carried to the sea by rivers each year The most soluble elements are first picked up by rainwater and that is the reason why sodium chloride (common table salt) is so scarce on land, yet abundant in the sea

Renowned for its therapeutic properties, and as a result of the high mineral and trace element content, the use of sea water as a therapeutic treatment has increased over the years with the development of thermal care and sea water medical devices


What our clients say

  • bon point sa composition est naturel sans fluor, sans sodium lauryl sulfate, sans saccharine, ni aspartame et sans paraben, moi qui fait attention a ce que je mange et utilise en produit je suis ravie de voir qu’enfin on se préoccupe de la santé de la maman mais aussi du bébé pendant la grossesse.

    — —
  • Néo Mum c’est un dentifrice dont la composition est respectueuse de l’organisme grâce à des ingrédient sains et naturels, une bonne façon de protéger bébé avant même sont arrivé

    — melina —








The services offered by Neomedis range from international logistics, manufacturing, regulatory and marketing support, sales force effectiveness training and strategy related to .

Logistic Planning

Neomedis works with a number of different logistical suppliers to ensure we provide our clients with the best, fastest and most cost effective transportation option. We have experience in organizing transportation by road, sea and air.

Product Manufacturing

Neomedis manufacturing sites are GMP certified and up to the highest pharmaceutical and safety norms. We supply our clients with the most advanced dispensing technologies for natural nasal solutions. All sea water products are manufactured in France.

Commercial & Regulatory

Neomedis offers an extensive commercial and regulatory support that includes; full and complete scientific and technical dossiers, marketing back office, sales force training and materials which include « best practice » information from different markets around the world.

Tel: +33 964 426 180

Fax: +33 142 996 600



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