Neomedis is the expert at seawater nasal sprays. With millions of units sold every year, Neomedis is committed to providing the best to it’s clients. Neomedis has partnerships with manufacturing plants and development facilities in Europe to ensure our clients have access to the latest technologies and safest ingredients. Neomedis sprays measure up to the highest European standards for medical devices and have a demonstrated track record of safety.


Made with French seawater, Neomedis nasal sprays are safe, effective & clinically proven.

  • Sourced in the purest area of France : Brittany, Cancale Sud. 

  • World renowned for the harvest of oysters. 

  • Oysters act as filters of the seawater. 

  • Cancale Sud : best rated (‘A’ level) by IFREMER, the French Institute of Seawater. 

  • Neomedis and IFREMER established limits of all possible contaminants to ensure the best quality of seawater. 


Neomedis has developed many new and patented products made with all natural ingredients. Neomedis only uses the safest and purest extracts to ensure the quality and safety of its products. Neomedis products include only aqueous plant extracts as well as xylitol from trusted suppliers.